Mae Rampeung Beach, Rayong
Away from mass tourism
Close to great tourist attractions

If you are looking for a holiday home in an special place in Thailand, then Mae Rampueng Beach outside Rayong might be just perfect for you. Just two hours from Bangkok international airport you will find a 10 km long sandy beach, original Thai culture, lots of local attractions and still with Pattaya and Bangkok within reach for a day trip with numerous world-class attractions. 


Mae Rampueng Beach

VIP Chain Resort with Oasis Garden III is located right at the 10 km long beach road. Along the road you will find local vendors and small original Thai restaurants with both Thai and western food. 

The beach is one of the longest in Thailand. It's easy to find a private spot, even on busy days. There are big shady trees all along the beach road, so just move a few meters back when you're tanned for the day. Not many beaches offer that.

We even have our own private strip on the beach, located opposite the VIP Chain Resort. Here you can enjoy our service and have a chat with other visitors.

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Around Rayong

Rayong and the areas around are often referred to as The Authentic Thailand. The area is mostly visited by Thai tourists, but with the share of foreign tourists steadily growing. There are more and more tourist attractions to visit, for example parks, historical places, water parks, markets, malls and even a 3 km long thrilling zip-line ride in the jungle.

There are also some beautiful islands where you can go for a perfect day trip. The most famous is the island named Koh Samet located right off the coast near Oasis Garden. We have created a collection of 30 great places to visit so you can explore the attractions yourself.

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Rayong City

Rayong city has grown a lot over the past years, and new modern shopping malls and western-style restaurants are being added all the time. In Rayong you can truly experience the contrast between old and new with old fashioned markets alongside modern shopping malls.

Rayong also offers theme parks and other attractions if you feel like a city tour. It's just 15 minutes from your Oasis Garden house.

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Pattaya and Bangkok

Everybody knows Pattaya and of course Bangkok. In these big cities you can find everything you wish for - world class attractions, great night life, international restaurants and of course huge crowds of tourists.

Both cities are within reach for a day trip or a couple of days away from quiet and peaceful Rayong. Pattaya is 70 km away and Bangkok 190 km away with excellent highways and good transportation.

Just Google Bangkok or Pattaya Travel Guide, and you will find lots of great articles about these two vibrant cities.

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How to get around

Getting around is easy. Rent a small motorcycle or just ride a bicycle, or go by mini van or taxi whenever you want to go out. There are good connections both in the local area as well as to other cities. Our staff at the reception counter can always help you.

We also offer our own convenient trips to various locations, both tourist attractions and shopping locations. Ask at the reception for further details.VIP-Chain-Resort00018

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